A tarot reading is an answer to your question done by a tarot reader using tarot cards. The process may be something like this:

  1. You ask a question
  2. The tarot reader hears the question
  3. The tarot reader's subconscious mind hears the question
  4. The Universal Consciousness hears your question
  5. Universal Consciousness knows the answer to your question
  6. The tarot reader's subsconscious mind gets the answer from Universal Consciousness
  7. The tarot reader's subconscious mind selects the right cards to answer your question
  8. The tarot reader reads the cards and gives you the right answer

Some tarot readers believe this is a spiritual process. Others think it is a communication link between the reader and the client on a subconscious level. Still others feel it is an open communication with the Universal Consciousness within which we all exist.

Whatever the process, the tarot reader is a psychic person who is in touch with his or her own intuitive mind. The tarot reader has trained him or herself to use his or her intuitive mind. The tarot reader has tained him or herself to shut off his or her imaginative mind (imagination) during the reading. Your tarot reader is trained to be non-judgemental during a reading. The tarot reader has come to an agreement with his or her own subconscious mind as to what each card will mean is each situation. Thus, the tarot reader is able to read the cards selected for your reading and answer your question.

You will probably notice that everything revolves around the question you ask. It's very important to ask the right question. It's also very important to understand that if you don't ask the right question you may receive answers that have no meaning for you. Sometimes your tarot reader can rephrase your question to help you obtain a more useful answer. Some questions just won't work. These are bad questions.

So, what's a bad question?

The chances are you'll never win the Lottery. Besides, tarot readers are not fortune tellers. No tarot reader knows if you should marry Hazel. Nobody knows the answer to that question except you and Hazel. Why? Because you both have free choice to do what you decide to do. Reputable tarot readers do not engage in illegal activities nor will they ever tell you how to do away with your mother-in-law. Who knows, your tarot reader may be your mother-in-law.

Likewise, tarot readers cannot advise you about somebody else. The Universe won't allow us to violate their personal space. The cards will never tell us if somebody is gay or wearing falsies. The cards will talk to you about you and your behavior. They do not talk about other people. They'll talk about your relationship with other people but only from your perspective, not the other person's.

So, what's a good question?

A good question is always about you and never about another person, place or thing. A good question starts with an interrogatory like:

What questions will always give you an idea of what will happen if you do something. Who questions always describe some attribute of the person you seek. When questions usually tell you what you need to do first before the event happens. But sometimes they can tell you approximately when in days, weeks, months, years or even lifetimes.

Where questions usually describe something about the place you are seeking. Why questions tell you why but only from your perspective. Which questions are usually determined by the cards indicating something that will give you a clue as to which path is best for you. How questions give you a clue as to how to approach something.

The cards will never tell you what to do. Keep that in mind. You always get to make the decision. The cards can help you in this decision-making process by giving you guidance. But remember, you always get to make the final decision. Neither the cards nor your tarot reader can make your decisions for you.

You make your own decisions. The tarot will not make them for you.

A tarot reading is an answer to your question done by a tarot reader using tarot cards as a tool.